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ETTC Food Distribution in Suleimaniyah's Arbat Camp

On 26th November 2014, ETTC made a visit to Arbat Camp to support Iraqi IDPs with 647 packages of food consisting of different basic food needs and a number of candy packages for children of the camp. The camp witnessed increasing number of IDPs families. On the imminent drought, humanitarian emergency was necessary in Arbat Camp, where people experienced starvation. Though, ETTC was among the humanitarian organizations that decided to respond to this emergency, and has worked since the onset of violence at June 2014 to support and serve Internally Displaced People (IDPs) across Iraq. The ongoing violence has rapidly accelerated displacement with flows of Iraqis moving from locations in the central, western, and southern regions of Iraq to Kurdistan region.

The donation was made by the people of Lower Saxony – Germany for the Iraqi IDPs through European Technology and Training Centre (ETTC). The staff started to distribute the food packages among the IDPs at 10:00 a.m. in the camp. The IDPs have divided into 12 sectors each sector contains a number of families from different area of Iraq. ETTC has proven that as long as they have the resources, they have ability to reach refugee camps in Kurdistan in order to reach beneficiaries and support them with food and basic necessities. Then, the staff gave candy packages for the children and they looked happy once they got it. Finally, the staff member thanked the camp administration for being active and cooperative with ETTC. 


Business Start-up Courses

Business Start-up Courses

On 07th Sep 2014, ETTC staff in Suleimaniyah undertook the Business start-up training course for the number of participants returnees under ERI programme from France. All participants attended a ten-day course in accordance to a specific daily agenda prepared by ETTC trainer. The workshop highlighted the effective ways of BST that aim to build the business ability of the returnees by providing new and good information and different guidelines on how to start the business. The workshop included (Introduction, expectation, general description of business, Assessment of individual skills of a businessperson, Marketing and Sales Techniques, Customer Care, Assessing business location, Developing and implementing a sales strategy, General accounting, SWOT analysis, Competitor analyses…etc. At the end all the participants got the BST certificates. ETTC staff (Suly) started to visit the new locations for all returnees participated in BST course, in order to have clear view regarding their locations preparation and other business requirements. Then ETTC staff started case by case to purchase the shop equipment together with returnees. At the end all participants have their own shop and starting new life in country of origin.


As well as, the ETTC office in Erbil held a Business course for returnees from Uk on 27th Oct 2014. Six returnees have participated in the course and the course completed successfuly and ETTC supporting them now to realize their business in there cities. the course content was similar to the contents presented in Suleimaniyah office as ETTC has same procedures and policy fot all its branches.  And another course held for two French returnees on 13th Oct 2014 the course completed successfuly and the participants started to implement their business plan and start up their business. 




New Orientation Seminars Held for Returnees

New Orientation Seminars Held for Returnees

European Technology and Trainng Centre holds Orientation Seminar for groups of returnees as an activity of Reintegration process for the returnees. After the Kick-off of a new reintegration project for returnees from UK donated by UK-FCO and implemented by ETTC. The Orientation Seminar is an advisory activity to support the returnees in order to reintegrate them to the community and the job market after a long stay outside the country. Since any person participating in an orientation seminar have different needs and expectations, the Orientation Seminar is modified to fit the context and capacities of every returnee.

One of the Orientation Seminars held on Monday, 03rd Nov. 2014 at Dilan Hotel Hall in Suleimaniyah. It began with an introduction to ETTC (European Technology and Training Centre). Then, the social worker, Mr. Saman has presented the assessments of the seminar that includes a review of the existing knowledge, needs and expectations of returnees. Mr. Saman continued in presenting the strategies to build a successful personality and how to solve their problems, social reintegration, improving their communication skills with their family members, relatives and others; and how to face new challenges after returning to home country. Based on the assessment, Mr. Hajaj held the seminar with a presentation, showing the chances for UK returnees on Kurdish Labour Market; job opportunities throughout training sessions, and overview computer and English language courses at ETTC. Later on, Mr. Nawzad (ETTC coordinator in Suleimaniyah) took the stage and previewed the needs, procedures for job placement, business start-up training course and problems and context of the situation in which returnees would like to work in. Finally, returnees’ evaluations submitted immediately after the seminar to evaluate their immediate response to the value and clarity of the content, Seminar methodology and initial reactions about what they learned and its relevance and applicability to their work.

As well as, on 20th Oct 2014, ETTC-Suleimaniyah held one day orientation seminar for UK returnees, the total participants around 21 returnees, with participation of social worker from MOLSA-Suleimaniyah (Ministry of Labour and Social Afairs), and ETTC staff (Reintegration staff). The main aims were to give the opportunities to let the returnees introduce themselves, to meet ,exchange experiences and social networks. Presentation given by ETTC staff to all participants explaining ETTC programme. A social worker from MOLSA, talks about aspects of migration, return social reintegration, challenges related to family and community in general. Then issues related to psychological adaptation, strategies to build a successful personality and how to solve these expected problems…etc. Presentations are given about the different reintegration support packages offered by ETTC, a special focus on challenges for returnees in the local labour market, their special skills and assets as well as a motivation to enrol in training courses in computer and English language, vocational training, business start-up courses, etc., Different questions raised by participants regarding the programme packages and follow up.

In addition,on 21st Oct 2014, ETTC held one day orientation seminar for returnees from UK, the total participants around 20 returnees, with participation of social worker from MOLSA - Erbil, and ETTC staff. The Seminar included same activities as mentioned above and at the end the participants raised their questions regarding the project, at the end the Seminar accomplished successfuly.


Donation by the People of Lower Saxony is still continuous

Donation by the People of Lower Saxony is still continuous


ETTC staff distributing food and stationery packages among the IDPs in Bahirka Camp in Erbil


As an initiative to support IDP’s by European organisations and communities at the beginning up to now, we are continuously preparing different packages for IDP’s upon the actual needs and necessity. This recent donation was made by the people of Lower Saxony, Germany and collected and organised by ETTC e.V. in Hanover, Germany.

After a worthy plan and strong discussion among the ETTC staff the decision will be made which supports are priority for them. Taking into consideration different aspects is a basic plan, as food, children requirements, nutrition, weather and others. We can say most of the ideas came up with preparing two different kinds of goods combined in one package.

After a deep assessment and gathering information about what others from UN agencies, NGOs’ supported IDPs we decided to prepare as follow:


  • 670 Canned food packages which is contain (Chicken, Red meat, Fish, Chees, Jam and Olive) from this  package IDP families can benefit from it from different meals and it is all contain protein that is highly needed for human beings especially for this cold weather which gives energy for the body.
  • 670 Stationery packages which is contain (Painting book with shapes, Drawing book, Colour pens, Sharpener, Eraser, Industrial clay) there are two main reason behind distributing this package for IDPs:
  1. The new year of studding is started and there is some NGO’s are working on this programme they are trying to set up a small school inside the camps, therefore we realized that the stationery is require to encourage IDP’s children to attend school.
  2. There are some families having children under the age of 5 years but they can play with this painting books or industrial clay just forget scene that happened with the process of fled.

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