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 AJG Ingenieure GmbH Donates for the Iraqi IDPs

AJG Donates for the Iraqi IDPs

Another support for IDPs among the support campagins implemented by ETTC,  came from (AJG Ingenieure GmbH) company from Germany. AJG came with the idea of “sponsor of the day” to ask German companies in order to support IDPs with food supply. The support package contained 750 family packages (3.5 Tons) for the IDP families in different camp sections in Erbil-Bahirka.  The packages also contained candies and nuts for children. Bahirka Camp is a tough place to live for anyone, especially for people who have arrived with nothing after multiple incidents of displacement. There are currently over 2,500 people at the camp, with expansion plans underway. Temperatures are in the mid-40s every day. There are serious concerns about the water and sanitation conditions but other actors are starting to get to work. ETTC has supported thousands of families up to now with 1599 family packages of food and fruits also 550 children packages. The support campaigns are coordinated with DFR (Department of Foreign Relations) and the Erbil Provincial Council. Members of the council are joining the ETTC staff members during the distribution of the support packages among the IDPs in the camps. AJG is independent engineers and consultants since 1957. Overall planning for all kinds of buildings: industrial and power plants, infrastructure projects, especially: business centre, theater, museum, cinema, entertainment center, shopping-mall, hotels, airports, power plant and supply, hospitals, bridges. At the beginning of 2013 AJG Ingenieure GmbH has already started a programme to improve the building and fire safety standards in Kurdistan in cooperation with the Erbil Municipality. Concerned about the current situation of IDP’s, the company is willing to support the development of new settlements as well as the reconstruction of buildings in near future. 

ETTC Staff distributing food among IDPs

Little IDP girl representing family during receiving food package from ETTC Staff


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