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European Technology and Training Centre

Sponsor of the Day

Man - Terramar GmbH is donating for the Iraqi IDPs



ETTC, European Technology and Training Centre, is supplying IDP families with food packages. The last campaigns of food distribution were implemented in Erbil province in different locations; Bahirka, Ankawa, Shaqllawa and other locations inside Erbil. After the crisis of the terrorist attacks in the region the IDPs numbers increased in the three big cities in Kurdistan. Therefore, ETTC is trying to widen its support campaigns to Suleimaniyah and Duhok, therefore this campaign was decided to be distributed in Suleimaniyah.   The donation contained 625 Food packages for families and distributed among the IDPs families in different locations in Suleimaniyah; 460 Food packages  in 4 Churches (325 families in Mar Yousef, 37 families in Evangelical, 51 families in Maryam Azraa and 35 families in Chwarchra) and 165 Food packages distributed in Arbat camp on the Yazidian and Shabak families). Arbat is a small sub-district about 15 minutes southern Suleimaniyah, 20 km far from Suleimaniyah and day by day increasing IDPs families in Arbat especially in the camp.


Sponsor of the Day

(Mena Associates) in association with Amereller Legal Consultants is donating for IDPs

After the idea of “Sponsor of the day”, ETTC (European Technology and Training Centre) is receiving the donations sponsored by the companies, this week “Amereller Legal Consultants” became the sponsor of the day in order to support the Iraqi IDPs in Kurdistan and the donation contained 600 food packages distributed among the IDPs families in different locations in Shaqlawa. and 22 extra packages distibuted in another location in Erbil.

Mena Associates is the Iraqi branch of Amereller Legal Consultants, a specialist international law firm. In its German and Middle East practices, the firm focuses on corporate and commercial law, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and privatisation, as well as on all legal aspects of agency and distributorship.

For the time being thousands of IDPs are living in Shaqlawa in different places. In terms of Cristian people hundreds of families are living in one hall inside culture or historical centre in addition sometimes they are living in houses. Since ETTC knew that the numbers of IDPs are increasing in Shaqlawa the organisation decided to contact with the representatives of the centres to provide ETTC with correct information regarding number of IDPs and their places.

Shaqlawa is a small resort town in the mountains about an hour North East of Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan. A town of approximately 25,000 people 51 km far from Erbil, at the bottom of Safeen Mountain. Shaqlawa is situated between Safeen Mountain and Sork Mountain, and sits 966 m above sea level. The town is inhabited mostly by Kurds, and Assyrian (Cristian). Due to its cool weather during summer, Shaqlawa is visited annually by thousands of tourists from other parts of Iraq.




AGDW donates for Iraqi IDPs


ETTC, European Technology and Training Centre, is receiving donations made by German NGOs and companies for the Iraqi IDPs in Kurdistan. There are different Organisations and Companies are contributing in the campaign of support for the internaly displaced people in Iraq. The supports include food packages for the families and Sweets packages for the children of IDPs. One of the orgranisations donated for them is AGDW.

AGDW „Zweite Chance Heimat“ is a return project that helps refugees resettle in their home countries. The project is based in Stuttgart, Germany and is funded by the European Union, the federal state of Baden-Württemberg and the City of Stuttgart. ETTC could deliver the support packages which donated by AGDW to Shaqlawa, a district 51 Km from Erbil, and the packages distibuted on the IDP children there.


ETTC Supporting IDPs



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